Conquer and Control Your Technology

Get training for your home automation system in Dolton, South Holland, IL and Chicago Area

Would you like to learn how to operate your home automation or entertainment system with ease? Get in touch with the team at GVT Audio. Our audiovisual consultant can provide step-by-step instructions for managing your sound, video, home automation, and also pro audio systems. You’ll gain newfound confidence for solving any problem related to your home or office's technology.

Get professional audiovisual training in Dolton, South Holland, IL and Chicago Area

The expert at GVT Audio can provide effective audiovisual training for residential and commercial systems. For residential, you'll be taught in the comfort of your own home. 

As a residential customer you'll be taught about:

  • Setting customer expectations on one touch Home Theater remote controls
  • Interoperability voice activated interfaces and touch screen technology
  • What is third party 2 way wireless remote control over Wi-Fi
  • Are there Hi-Quality dependable wireless speakers on the market?
  • With today's technology, how automated can I make my home?



Commercial Pro Audio is taught in a class room setting. He'll teach you to set up, troubleshoot and manage cables, and operate professional sound technology, and more.

During your hands-on training with GVT Audio, you'll learn about:

  • Signal flow
  • Gain level structure
  • Defining ins and outs
  • Connectors
  • Equalization processes
  • Pre and post-mix definitions
  • Proper modulation methods

Call (312) 399-1692 to schedule audiovisual training in Chicago or the surrounding area.